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The following stipulations establish the General Conditions which apply to the use of this website. Reservation of the rooms of hotels included in this Website shall be governed, in addition to these General Conditions, by the specific conditions established by each hotel, which will be available throughout the reservation process; in particular, but without limitation, with regard to the cancellation policy, currency of payment and use of the facilities.

The User declares that he/she is of adult age and has the legal capacity to be bound by and to use this Website in accordance with these General Conditions and the applicable regulations.

It is strictly forbidden to use this website for illegal purposes, including the modification, reproduction, copying or distribution of same.


Our website www.evasionbooking.com provides useful, up to date and accessible information about hotels in different parts of the world that meet the levels of luxury and character established by Evasion  quality standards, and it also allows for the online formalisation of your reservation with these hotels (hereinafter, ‘Our Services’). It is important that you read and understand these terms before using Our Services.

By accessing or using Our Services you agree to be legally bound by these terms, which may be modified from time to time. We reserve the right to change these terms at any time and amendments will take effect once posted on the website.

We only act as the intermediary between the users of our website and the participating hotels, and therefore do not have, and never intend to have, any contractual involvement in your reservation. When you use Our Services to make a reservation, the contract is made directly between you and the hotel concerned.

The information contained on our website is provided by the hotels and updated by them from time to time and, while we will make every effort to ensure that such information is accurate, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of such information, nor can we warrant that access to our website will be uninterrupted or fault free. These terms and conditions are set out in several languages but, in case of conflict, the Spanish version shall prevail.


The prices displayed on our website according to season are negotiated between Evasion and the participating hotels and may differ from prices published by the hotels elsewhere. Therefore, you should accept that the prices may be different at the time of your reservation.

Subject to confirmation by the hotel concerned, and also to your provision of valid and correct credit card information for payment, your reservation will be irrevocably binding upon your clicking on 'Confirm the booking' on our website. We will send you confirmation of your reservation by email, so it is your duty to provide us with an accurate email address. Such confirmation will usually be made within four business hours after you submit your reservation. If your reservation is not accepted, we will make every effort to provide you with a comparable alternative, but you are freely entitled to choose whether or not to accept such an alternative.

The currency in which prices are displayed is based on the location from where you connect to Evasionbooking website, but you can always select another currency in which to see the prices of the participating hotels. However, these converted prices are based on various publicly-available sources using daily spot rates and should be used as guidelines only. Rates used by Evasion are considered to be accurate; however, our respective rate suppliers cannot guarantee us such accuracy and actual rates may vary as a result.

Therefore, the base prices that shall prevail will always be those shown in the local currency of the hotels concerned and, where applicable, the currency used for charging the deposit to your credit card. This information will be clearly displayed during the booking process.

Our confirmation email will serve as proof of valid reservation and will contain relevant information about the reservation and particulars of the hotel concerned. Please read and check carefully all the information contained in our confirmation email to ensure that it conforms to your reservation. You are required to present our confirmation email when checking in at the hotel, in addition to a valid ID card or passport.

If you are making a reservation through the Evasion website with a hotel that is a member of a different loyalty programme, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to earn points or similar from that loyalty programme, or that you will be able to claim them after your stay at the hotel. Similarly, when using the Eavsion website to make a reservation in a hotel that is a member of another loyalty programme, you will not be able to use or redeem the points, or similar, that you own in that hotel’s loyalty programme on the Evasion website.


As mentioned in article 2 regarding 'Our Services', Evasion only acts, through our website, as an intermediary between you and the hotels, and therefore does not provide on this website any information regarding visas or travel documents that may be requested by the competent authorities in the country in which the hotel is located.

We would therefore advise you to inform yourself about the entry requirements for the country concerned before making your reservation.


When making an online hotel reservation you will need to provide us with your credit card information, i.e. card number and expiry date.

Some of the participating hotels on our website will require the payment of a deposit to validate your reservation, depending on the conditions negotiated with these hotels. This will be clearly specified on our website during the reservation process and before you click on 'Confirm your booking'. When your reservation is confirmed, the deposit displayed during the reservation process will be charged to your credit card. You can choose the currency in which you want the deposit to be charged, e.g. in US Dollars, Euros, Pound Sterling, or any other payment currency proposed on our website. This deposit will be charged by Evasion. and the business name that appears on your credit card statement will be ‘EVasion Hotels’. In the event that your reservation has not been confirmed, no charge will be made to your credit card. Evasion accepts debit and credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and other cards that may be specified on our website. Under no circumstances will Evasion be liable for any kind of commission that your bank might charge you for the use of your debit or credit card. The outstanding balance of the retail price of the hotel room(s) reserved, as well as any additional charges that may be incurred during your stay at the hotel will be settled by you directly with the hotel in its local currency.

For confirmed reservations, the credit card details will be transmitted securely to the hotel, which may pre-authorise or charge the card in accordance with the booking policy, as displayed on the vasion website. Lastly, in the case of a reservation with a non-refundable rate with any of the participating hotels, please note that at the time of reservation your credit card will be charged by Evasion for the amount of the deposit in your chosen currency and also by the hotel, in its local currency, for the outstanding balance.

Please remember that when you make a reservation through our website you are deemed to have unconditionally and irrevocably authorised and consented to our release of your credit card details for this specific purpose to the hotel concerned.


Each hotel has its own terms and conditions for cancelling confirmed reservations. These terms and conditions are displayed on our website and you are strongly advised to read them carefully before making your reservation. You will be bound by such terms and conditions once your reservation is confirmed. In the event of cancellation, we suggest that contact us directly and promptly in order to minimise any possible penalty or charges payable.

When your reservation is cancelled and provided that the hotel does not apply any penalty charge, your deposit, if one was paid at the time of booking, will be fully refunded to you, minus any charges for processing the cancellation if applicable, as is clearly stated on our website during the reservation process and before you click ‘Confirm your booking’.

In the case that the hotel applies a cancellation fee, in accordance with its terms and conditions indicated at the time of reservation, the deposit will be fully refunded to you and the hotel will charge to your credit card any penalties or fees incurred by you as a result of your cancellation.

However, reservations with non-refundable rates do not allow for cancellations and therefore no reimbursements will be made by any party.

Any disputes relating to cancellation of reservation shall be dealt with or settled directly between you and the hotel concerned, and we will not be involved or be held responsible in any way except to arrange for the refund of the deposit, where applicable; to provide the information needed to calculate the penalties that apply; and to pass your credit card information on to the hotel concerned. No claim whatsoever shall be made by you against us in respect of any penalty or charges levied by the hotel concerned as a result of your cancellation of a reservation and you shall seek your redress, if any, directly against the hotel concerned.

In order to cancel a booking, a request in writing via email is required. Only once we have received this can we proceed with the cancellation. Please send any such emails to reservations@splendia.com. Otherwise, please call our Customer Service to request a cancellation form. This will be sent to you via email and you will be required to send it back to us via email to confirm your cancellation request in writing. Once your booking has been cancelled, you will receive a cancellation confirmation email at the email address from which you have made the cancellation request. You can also cancel your booking online by clicking here and following the steps indicated.


'Best Price Guarantee' claims must include appropriate documentation regarding the competitor rate (source and rate). If a claim covers multiple nights, each rate will be compared for each night individually. Post-booking claims must be made within 24 hours of making the booking and before any hotel cancellation fees apply.

The lower rate must be available at the time of the request, for publicly available online bookings, with exactly the same details (the same hotel, room, services, number of guests, amenities, dates, currency, and cancellation/booking conditions).

The guarantee does not apply to non-refundable rates; rates requiring membership to a club or loyalty programme; auction or opaque websites (mystery hotels/destinations); travel packages (hotel plus food or transport services); special rates negotiated with corporations, travel agencies, groups or associations that are not available for the general public; special rates requiring a minimum number of days of stay; or bookings in hotels managed by the Pegasus system.

Evasion has the sole right and discretion to determine the validity of any claim and the discount to be granted. In case of a pre-booking claim, should the claim be accepted, Evasion will match the competition price and proceed with the booking. In case of a post-booking claim, should the claim be accepted, Evasion will immediately cancel the previous booking without any cancellation fees and proceed to a new booking at the lower rate. Promotional codes cannot be applied to this new lower rate. Should a claim be rejected, the conditions of the cancellation remain the same as those on the original webpage.


Evasion uses SS.L. protocol to encrypt and protect your credit card information. However, any losses incurred while transmitting the information shall be borne solely and exclusively by you. If you are using a public computer to access Our Services, we recommend that you sign out once you have finished using the application.

Evasion reserves the right to cancel any booking if it has a reasonable suspicion that there has been fraudulent use of the website or that the identity of a customer or their banking and personal details have been usurped.


We take privacy and confidentiality issues very seriously. Our current Privacy Policy describes how and for what purpose we use information provided by you. By using Our Services, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms of our Privacy Policy.


All content posted on this website, including, but not limited to: logos, images, video and audio, website structure, graphic texts, banners, buttons, etc. are owned by Evasion. and are protected worldwide through the respective national registries and the various intellectual property laws.

The use of same, by any means and in any form, is strictly prohibited without the prior and express authorisation of Evasion.

Violation of the above-mentioned rights will result in immediate commencement of legal action against the offenders.


By using Our Services, you agree to comply with all applicable laws, statutes and regulations concerning the use of Our Services, exempting us from all responsibility.

We merely act as an intermediary between you and the hotels, and consequently do not have any control whatsoever over the quality of services or the charges of the hotels. The contract is established between you and the hotel; therefore, any claim or complaint should be addressed directly to the hotel concerned.

Any disputes arising between you and the hotels with regard to their charges, quality of services, facilities or other matters, will remain private between the parties of the contract, excluding Evasion from any involvement.

At the time of checking-out, we may ask you to kindly complete our standard questionnaire, in which you can make comments with regard to the hotel and Our Services, so we can use it for future reference to improve Our Services.


The contents of our website and of all reservations made using Our Services shall be governed by the laws of United Kingdom, as well as these terms and conditions and any dispute, controversy, proceedings or claim of whatever nature in relation thereto. Any dispute or discrepancy arising out of, or in connection with, Our Services and/or these terms and conditions and/or our website shall be submitted for arbitration to the Electronic Transaction Arbitration Rules of the Istabul Arbitration Tribunal.


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